Are you on the way to singing success or have you set yourself up for failure?

Read on and make your own judgment…

Losers practice to fatigue each dayWinners practice 15 minutes each day

Losers half-ass 100 exercises 
Winners master 10 exercises  

Losers seek FREE youTube singing hacks
Winners invest in good singing systems 

Losers are looking for shortcuts 
Winners are looking for fundamentals 

Losers sing to impress 
Winners sing to express 

Losers copy the mimic and gestures of other singers. 
Winners find their own unique style. 

Losers are crazy about high notez.
Winners are crazy about finding depth in their voice. 

Losers wait to sing in public until they are better.
Winners get better by singing in public  

Losers mess up notes or lyrics and stop in their tracks.
Losers mess up notes or lyrics and pretend it was on purpose.

Losers care about what other say about their voice.
Winners are their own critics  

Losers want to show off to their audience.
Winners want to move their audience

Losers only cover songs.
Winners make their own music. 

Losers are afraid of singing in front of others and avoid it.
Losers are afraid of singing in front of others and do it anyway    

Losers believe in overnight voice transformation.
Winners believe in long-term voice development. 

Losers perform technically.
Winners perform emotionally

Losers try out 10 different singing techniques in 6 months.
Winners study ONE good singing system for years. 

Losers talk about how they’re already too old to learn singing.
Winners talk about how excited they are they finally get the chance to learn it.

Losers see themselves as singers.
Winners see themselves as artists. 

Losers throw in the towel when they don’t see instant improvements.
Winners keep on keeping on. 

Now rate yourself.

Give yourself 1 point for every winning answer, and 0 points for every losing answer.

What’s your score? 

Your pal

Felix Cerny
The Underground Singer

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