I plead myself guilty.

While all the other vocal coaches are out there giving crazy FREE singing tips, tricks and hacks Yours Greedy doesn’t give anything away for free.

Except my ethical bribe that made you jump on my email list.

But why?

What’s up with you MF Felix?

Truth is…

I want you to REALLY learn singing. 

And I know damn well, banging out free video lessons will NOT get you there.

How do I know?

Been there, done that.

And it cost me waaayyyy more to consume the free crap…than I got out of it.

It cost me precious time
It cost me energy
It cost me self-belief (“Am I really that untalented?”)

Now, here’s the B.I.G. problem with the free singing advisors:

They only give you a snapshot of the whole picture.

They tell you “To sing high, you have to keep your Adam’s apple low.” – horsecrap

They tell you “Sing from your belly” – dangerous

They tell you “Press your tongue against your front teeth” – Urgh

The thing is…and I want to hammer this down into every single cell of your brain…

If you really want to get better at singing you can’t just throw together a bunch of random exercises…you have to learn a SINGING SYSTEM. 

From head to toe.

And I don’t care if you want to learn this from me or anyone else.

Start changing your mind and stop fooling yourself.

But, if you want to learn MY singing methodology…then take the next step and jump on the VIP list for my upcoming PAID video course “Unstuck Your Chest”.

You’ll not only get some secretly-guarded info prior to the launch, but also a sexy discount (yeah, I do that) on the course.

Here’s the link:   https://myvocalskills.com/unstuck_chest_waitinglist 

Your pal
Felix “Bon” Cerny