Since Meat Loaf faced the final curtain last week, I thought I’d share a sorta bizarre story that also holds a valuable lesson for everyone interested in developing his voice.

Here’s what happened:

When Meat was a young caballero, he performed in a Central Park production of Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

A big spender, who watched the whole thing, was so impressed by Meat Loaf’s raw voice that…

He offered him 60.000 smackeroos to fund a classical singing training and let him pursue a career as an opera singer. 

And, at least to Meat Loaf himself, that wasn’t wery surprising.

As he stated in a People Magazine interview back in 2016…

His natural voice was much more opera house than rock stadium.

Anyway, without thinking twice, Mr. Love turned down that generous offer simply because of one reason:

[Quote] “I’ll wind up in prison for murder of the conductor.” 

You see, even if his natural singing apparatus was perfectly designed for “Nessun Dorma”,  his maltreated soul cried for Rock`n Roll.

 The rest, my rocky horror friend, is history.

What that means for you?

No matter what your voice is naturally built for…or if you think it isn’t built for anything at all…you make your own choice. 

You decide where your ship is going.

Know your destination and you’ll get there – eventually,

That’s all. Except for: rest in peace Meat.

Your pal
Felix “Bon” Cerny