A whacky (but true) story:

Back in the day when learning to sing was still treated like an art in itself, it was very common for the Italian singing masters that…

The young and willing student would move in with the teacher. 

Eating everything he ate…
Going everywhere he went…
Sleeping for as many hours as he did…
And -of course- training his voice like the master himself. 

And you know what?

As scary as this may sound to you, in many ways it made perfect sense.

1. It was the ultimate acid test of how serious the aspiring singers were about developing top-notch vocal skills.  

Thus, such a requirement would immediately turn away the wishy-washy wannabes who’d throw in the towel by the first resistance anyway.

2. It gave the teacher full control over how his student treated and built his voice – under his direction.

Thus, no room for dozens of different singing techniques. And no room for putting the cart before the horse, e.g. doing exercises you’re not ready for.

You see, the more I think about it the more I want to apply that philosophy to my students.

No, not sharing my bed and table with them (hahaha…my godly wife wouldn’t be amused).

But what I can think of is figuring out a system…where I would “force” (in a good way) every new student to follow a very specific training sequence…by only giving access to my training programs one-by-one.

And quite frankly, my diabolic plan has already begun to roll out.

Because as I’m writing this, no cold stranger can buy any of my products… unless he has subscribed to my email list.  

Does that sound ignorant and cocky?

I don’t know. You tell me.

But what I know is…

There are hordes of newbie singers out there wanting to sing crazy muthfucking Judas Priest high notes without even knowing how to breathe properly. 

And so, while I’ve been talking lately about my newest singing program …I’m leaning towards permitting access only to those who got familiar with “Breathing Secrets” first.

Sure, I will lose some money on the way, as I will piss off some -if not many- potential customers who will then walk off to the next singing groo-groo where they get flooded with umpteen courses all at once.

So be it.  

On the other hand…

I will cultivate more really good and contended singers, who are able to smoothly sing through their entire register…and smile all the way to the stage.

And that, my little Wing, is MY ultimate goal for this whole game.

Your pal
Felix Cerny

The Underground Singer