A couple moons ago I sent out an email that got quite some attention. 

Basically, it was all about what Bruce Lee, the infamous martial artist, preached as long as he walked the earth that made him this one-in-a-million fighter…and how this principle can be applied to singing. 

The keyword: Fundamentals. 

You don’t have to know gazillion moves in martial arts…as well as you don’t have to do hundreds of singing exercises. 
It can even go hard against you. 

But if you know the key fundamentals…master them…and keep following them… You’re building your craft from the bottom to the top.

You always have something to fall back and rely on.

You’re up for the long-term game. 

In contrast… 

Going for quick fixes, singing hacks, or artificially created “modern singing techniques” will most likely get you nowhere. 

The first fundamental I would everyone, who seriously wants to learn the art of singing, advice to…is proper breathing.  

It’s the single one layer everything else….like singing on-key….singing high-notes…or singing with more expression…is built upon. 

If you don’t get this in check right out of the gate…everything else will be a botched-up bungle. 

Believe me, Beauty, I’ve been down that road.  

And guess what?

Twas a bad place to be.  


If you want to learn the – actually laughably simple – art of correct breathing in singing, then go here: