One of my favorite bands in the 90s was Grammy-award winner Creed.

They played raw, hard-hitting, yet truly masterful melodic rock music.

Something I prefer to do in my own songwriting as well.

Back then, Creed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, was one of those “monster bands” in the Rock scene.

And within just a few short years they achieved everything there is to achieve.

Just like…

Selling over 53 million albums…

Topping the Billboard charts with their smash hit album “Human Clay”…
And being booked year in year out.

After a couple of years of heavy touring, the Rock’n Roll lifestyle took its toll on Scott Stapp’s voice. Nodes on his vocal cords eventually forced him to undergo surgery.

And he never fully recovered from there.

What a shame…
Because his once so powerful and charismatic voice had now become just a shadow of what it used to be. 

When he went back on stage some years ago, it couldn’t have been more obvious the damage that’s been done to his pipes.

He sounded weak, constantly out-of-tune, and had to avoid all those high notes he used to shine on.

I don’t know if Scott ever took voice lessons…but I’d assume he just relied on his natural young and viral voice when it was still there.

Could’ve been a big mistake – methinks.

That’s why…

If you want to build a powerful, healthy, and life-long solid voice purely from scratch…there’s hardly any way around learning the key fundamentals of singing.

For example, the singing system I use and teach consists only of 3 fundamentals. 

Singing fundamental #1 and the foundation of EVERYTHING you’ll ever do with your voice is, and always will be correct breathing.
Learning a proper breathing technique is the most natural way to leverage your built-in powerhouse…to achieve a strong and healthy singing voice…that you can blindly trust and always rely on…no matter what.

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