Lemme tell you a story:

In the year 2005, yours Restless was still nothing but a bloody amateur singer. 

In other words…

I had way more questions about singing than answers. And although I’d taken some voice lessons in the past, it still felt like I was struggling with even the basics of singing.

One of which was: Breathing.

That’s why I spent weeks, if not months, binge reading, watching and listening to everything about this topic alone.

The result: Me more confused than ever.


While I now knew how super-duper important breathing was…and that you always should sing high notes “from-your-diaphragm”…I had no idea how the funk to do it.

Even worse…

I’ve bought books, DVD courses, audio tapes and saw umpteen vocal coaches.  

Only to find out: Nobody, no one, nadie, could SHOW me how to do it.

No one but…HER.

Enter Nataša Mirković. 

If you don’t know Nataša, and chances are you don’t, let me just say this.

If you think of a heavenly choir rolling on a steam train at neck-breaking speed…you pretty much get the right image of her voice.

But that’s not all…

Because Nataša is a classically trained singer, performing everything from opera, jazz, world-music to pop or even rock music.  

In fact she’s just so darn good, that not only was she granted the prestigious German Record Critics Award, as a best Border Crossing project…but also got discovered by Hollywood composer Gabriel Yared, who hired her to sing the theme song to Angelina Jolie’s “In the Land of Blood and Honey”.

To my fortune, this all happened years AFTER I found her “voice lessons” ad in a local newspaper…and kept studying with her for the next couple of months.

Enough time for her to disclose her brilliant breathing technique to me.

Because of all I’d learned from her…and you can bet there were some nuggets…this one lesson where she led me step-by-step through the art of breath support…changed it all for me.

From this day on, my singing has never been the same again. 

The riddle was solved.

Thank you and muchas gracias, baby.

If you want to learn everything Nataša taught me ’bout proper breathing…then this is the way to go: