Here I am. Lying flat in my hospital bed.

My head’s still dizzy from sister morphine. But hey… no complaints here. At least she did me a great service and lead me to wonderland… while my highly respected surgeon cut me open to fix my damaged meniscus.

Yet all through this haze…
I’m thinking…

“Wouldn’t it be simply electrifying to turn this blurry experience into a dilly good song?”

Oh boy, you can bet your wazoo on that.

And wouldn’t it be even more terrific to spice this song up with your own, stunningly-unique voice?

Well…I know it would for me.

Can you now clearly see…maybe for the first time in your life…the beauty of being a singer?

No, I’m not talking about being able to hit the right notes so you can show-off at the karaoke bar.

Note the difference here. I mean…to BE a singer. 

Because if you ARE a singer…you will feel the urge…to turn everything you see, feel, hear, or taste into music.

The sadness, the excitement, the joy, the rejection, the agony,…EVERYTHING.

Now here’s the catch…

You have to have your voice in place. 
So that if you’re kissed by the muse…you can kick-off. 

But if you’re still looking for that Holy Grail of singing…
You’d better get off your horse…
And start with the fundamentals.

Have them in check… and you’re good to go. 

To show the world what an incredible artist you are.

Talk soon

Felix “le phenix” Cerny

P.S. If you’re now wondering what fundamentals I’m talking about…just tune-in next time. I’ll shed some flashlight on it.