It was back in the summer of 2009.
My sister was throwing a housewarming party and asked me if I’d like to perform couple songs together with our cousin Michael (actually my band mate).

Without hesitation I agreed.  

I remember, my teacher always preached to sing as often as possible in front of other people.

So I took the chance.

It was no big deal either. Because I’ve always loved performing,

Sure, I was nervous…and that hasn’t changed a bit ’til today. But when the adrenaline kicks in it works like an engine…rather than bonds .

There were 20 lads and gals in the room. We played a mini-gig and kicked some ass. 
After we were done…I guy approached me.

“You must do this professionally, don’t you?” he asked.
Hearing that instantly put a big smile on my astounding face.

Well, in fact we weren’t. Yeah, we made couple bucks here and there from selling some CDs and busking.

That was it.

Anyway, the point is…

Without knowing it…this party animal made my day.
He actually gave me one of the biggest compliments of my life.

And there’s a reason for it….

When I started out as the most amateurish singer you can possibly think of…one of my major goals had always been to “…sound like a pro.”

You see, per definition a professional singer is a vocalist who makes a living from singing. 

But I think that’s pretty lame way to describe the term. Because there are terrible singers and there are singers who have to sing ridiculous cover songs…who still get money for it.

Here’s the good news: If you’re just after the money…and you have lost all your self-respect…chances are you find an opportunity somewhere.

But not for me.
I chose to go a different route. 

Which was..

Making my own music, singing my own songs…even if that meant no bucks for the bang.

The only thing I ALWAYS cared about was getting my pipes in the best shape possible.

And when that party guy asked “Are you a pro?”…what I really heard was “Your voice rocks”.

Tell meHeath, how would you feel about it?

Wouldn’t you be proud, excited and stoked? All at the same time.

I definitely was. Because I knew who has worked his buttocks off to get to this level.

And getting that feedback from outside was more than a confirmation it was all worth it.

So, how did I get there?

First, I was lucky enough to learn a very, I mean VERY good singing technique (which I will pass down to you soon, if you’re interested).

What’s more… 

I hang in there. Even when times were rough. 

I never lost faith. Although, admittedly, sometimes I was very close to resignation.

If you’re just starting out with singing…and want to get on the fast-lane to a pro voice… 

I’d recommend doing this…

1. Learn the craft

2. Hone your chops

3. Get out and sing…as early as possible…and as often as possible

No magic bullet, sorry. You still have to invest time, money, and energy.

But one thing’s for sure…
Once I started doing numero tres…my progress accelerated.

Take care

Felix Cerny