Let’s shed some sunlight on the very mysterious topic of singing principles.


Well, if you’ve already shopped around on YouTube or other vocal coaches websites you might have found out that every singing technique has it’s on principles. 


With that being said…

The technique Yours Shameless uses to musically express himself -aka belt it out like crazy-, is deeply rooted in the golden age of Bel Canto singing. 


Oh yeah, that’s when opera superstars like Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, Jussi Björling or Enrico Caruso (heavy chain smoker btw) emerged.


And if that bores you to death already, ‘cause opera is not your thang – hold on a second, Darling.


I myself have always been a fan of good ‘ole rock ‘n roll.


But that didn’t prevent me from acknowledging the explosive power and masterful finesse of great opera singers. 


And why not take advantage of a technique and harness it to your own style?


That’s why…

I gave the Bel Canto technique a lil twist, to not sound like an opera singer – although I can do it on purpose…without sounding like a cartoon character.


But here’s what’s important to you…


Unlike you’ve heard from other sources, there are only 3 key principles that you have to follow to build your voice.


#1: Breathing: To support a steady airflow lightly carrying your tone


#2: Placement: rids you of crippling tensions and gives your voice smashing high notes 


#3: Space: creating enough space let’s your high notes appear and solidify  


And it’s so stoobid-easy that really everyone can learn them…even if you sound like a broken foghorn right now. 


In fact…


If you’re able to reproduce the sound of a steamship, you almost have principle #2 down.


But make no mistake…


That doesn’t mean you’ll become a chart-breaking artist overnight. 

Let’s face it: All singers are set-out to a lifetime of mastering those principles.


But the real beauty of applying principles vs. tactics is…


Principles are easy to follow, reliable and a straight path to radically improving your voice…without any mumbo-jumbo only confusing your mind and freezing up your singing apparatus.  

Your pal

Felix Cerny
The Underground Singer