Everyone who has the urge to become a better singer strives for the same obvious things.


Hitting those marvelous high notez…
Sing right on pitch…
Develop a stunning vibrato…
And so on.

 Now, while all this totally makes sense…there’s one question that could immediately change your status as a singer…even if your vocal skills don’t improve at all.

And after leafing through the biographies of some of the most famous singers, I’ve been proved that all of them strategically thought about this.

So, here’s the question you should start asking yourself: 

How can I stand out from the mob of singers like a sore thumb? What is it that could present me in a special, unique, or even obnoxious way? 

Because, let’s face it…

There are thousands if not hundreds of thousands other singers on this planet that would literally destroy us in a singing competition. 

So, if we try to compete purely at “Who is the better singer?”…for most of us this would be a losing game.

But there are ways to circumvent any comparison and make yourself unforgettable to your audience.

Case in point…

Depeche Mode’s frontman Dave Gahan. 

If you rate him based on his singing voice I would say he is a fairly good singer with an appealing timbre. Nothing more, nothing less.

No breathtaking range…
No striking power…
No neck-turning coloratura…

In fact, you could even question if guitar player Martin Gore is the better singer of them. 


If you’ve ever watched a live performance, you can’t overlook Dave Gahan’s uniqueness.

First he completely surrenders to the music.

Something only a few singers are able to do, though it has a magnetic effect on the audience. 

Second, he has a very characteristic, almost awkward, dancing style, which makes it so you can’t take your eyes off of him. 

These two things together with some really catchy songs…makes a Depeche Mode concert an entertaining experience that emotionally engages you.

At the end of the day, that’s what it’s really all about.

Make them leave your gig with something they can talk about, and they will come back to your next show…buy your albums…and even tell all their friends about you. 

Admittedly, you have to put in some thinking to find “your thing”, test and master it.

The rewards will be worth it.

Your pal

Felix Cerny
The Underground Singer

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