Yesterday I watched the movie ‘Dracula Untold’. 

It’s basically about Graf Vlad before he became the blood sucking Lord of Darkness. 

Desperate to save his family and his tribe from the marching Ottoman army...he seeks help from an ancient vampire living in a cave carpeted in crushed bone. 

After drinking some of the vampire’s blood, Vlad can get a taste of the enormous power vampires possess.  

But here’s the catch… 

If he cannot resist the urge to drink human blood for 3 days...he’s doomed to remain a vampire forever. 

If you want to know the rest of the story...go and watch it.  It’s a riveting movie. 

And it also made me realize... 

Getting on YouTube to watch some of the countless free singing some similar to living the torturing life of an undead. 

Here’s what I mean:  
If you click on enticing titles like “How to sing really high”, “How to sing on pitch” or “How to find your own voice in 5 steps” only get a taste of what’s possible...demonstrated by the vampire teacher. 

Those hacks, ticks, and trips are nothing but a tiny piece of a well-built and internalized singing system...that’s been practiced and polished over years. 

If you try to sing after the grandmaster...most of the time it ends up in gut-wrenching frustrations.   

Soon, you’ll find yourself spending many dark nights watching video after video after goo-rooh...after goo-rooh.  

Hoping that some exercise eventually works. 

What a nightmare.

A much better idea is this...

Dedicate yourself to ONE singing system and ONE vocal warlock you want to learn from until you’ve reached your goalz. 

And so build an inhumanly powerful voice from bloody scratch. 

Your horror pal 

Felix Cerny 
The Underground Singer