Some weeks ago I read an old, yet very interesting post on a music forum.

The pal, who talked about different breathing techniques, mentioned something his professor from the reknown Royal College of Music horrified his students with about diaphragmatic breathing:

“[…] Harmful because of excess pressure onto the diaphragm – as a lecturer at the RCM put it – you don’t want to be sued for giving someone a diaphragmatic hernia!”


Are you freaked out already? 

‘Cause I am.

And if I heard such horror stories, when I was starting out, I bet I’d crawled back into my cave and never touched the subject of singing again.

And what’s even more bizarre…

Everyone and his grandma is talking about how diaphragmatic breathing is the correct technique for breathing.

But according to the lad on the forum, it was all about “intercostal breathing”.

And I don’t say this is wrong either.

But like the devil has many faces, the correct breathing technique has gazillion names.

Just like breath support, support, diaphragmatic breathing, intercostal breathing, breath management, belly breathing, and so on.

And if you are new to singing, this might all be Greek to you, doesn’t it?

Once I realized this…

I stopped putting names on breathing techniques…

Or theorizing about it…

‘Cause truth be told…

It all boils down to just ONE exercise. 

An exercise which, if you do it correctly, solves this puzzle for you…now and foreva.

An exercise that will instill a breathing technique, which never caused me any hernia, made me throw up, or turn blue. 

But here’s the rub…
It’s very subtle and you have to have someone show it to you step-by-step.

So that you really understand what you oughta do…and whatnot.

And this is exactly where my boxfresh video course “Breathing Secrets” comes in:

I’ve videotaped every little detail you need to know about this special breathing exercise. I’ll literally take you by your shaky hands and show you EVERYTHING to kickstart your breathing…even if you don’t know jack about it right now. 

Here’s the link:

Felix Cerny

The Underground Singer