I don’t like them.

The singing gurus on YouTube covering song after song…just to show off their chops.

And I sometimes even wonder, why they do this…at least in such an amount, 

Is it vanity? The craving for attention in Covid-ridden times?

I don’t know. I don’t care. And neither should you.


There’s only one voice you should really care about…

Only one voice you oughta study in every detail…

And that is… 


Seriously, who cares about what song another bloke from the block -including myself- can sing or not?

If I want to listen to the best version of ANY song, I go and listen to the original version. Period.

This is just one reason you’ll hardly ever find any YouTube video from The Underground Singer on any video platform (except music videos from my band’s own songs, which are scheduled to be released early 2022).

And if you are someone who likes wasting endless hours watching self-promoting cover songs from singing master XYZ…

I’m certainly not the right man to listen to my friend.


I’d rather have you get your ass out there…work on your voice…and become the next YouTube sensation yourself.

That’s what it’s all about.

And a good place to start is doing the exercises I teach in Breathing Secrets and going through the 3-minute warm-up I gave away some time ago to my new subscribers. 

Your pal

Felix Cerny