Once upon time I was working for a big pharma company.

I was in my mid 20s and  probably the youngest guy in the office. 

And while my colleagues were dead serious about ‘the corporate game’…all I could ever think of was music. 

You see, I was really a freak.

Case in point…

Occasionally, I had to go on business trips, which basically I always hated.

The best thing about it in my world: Free food and booze.

But to sit around for 3 days talking to all these jerks made me almost throw-up.  

At one annual sales conference I actually went so far that…

While all others were sweating tears and blood in the meeting room…I would stay in my office…farting into the swivel chair and watching 10 different live versions of Mr. Brightside. 

Admittedly, not the best mindset to climb the corporate ladder.

But what’s even worse…

I realized how dangerously unfulfilled my need for music and singing had grown…since the day my “school band” split up.

Like a vampire who once tasted blood…I couldn’t stop thinking about getting out of the cubicle…back on stage.

The problem was…

I wasn’t in a band…

I didn’t know any “serious” musicians I could hook up…

I was famously insecure promoting myself as “the singer you’ve been desperately waiting for”.

Well, the only things I DID know: 

I wanted to step back into the spotlight…  

I wanted to dive into those smoky,  stuffy air live clubs… 

I wanted to feel how the dopamine kicks in when I enter the stage and people start roaring. 

So, all I needed was a plan.

Now, guess how I went about it?

[to be continued…] 


You know what?

Let’s continue this next time, because I don’t want to cut the rest of the story short only to not demolish your attention span.

Your pal

Felix Cerny
The Underground Singer

PS: If you’re brand spanking new to this singing thing and you want me to give you safe advice on where to start…just click the link below and learn diaphragmatic breathing first. It will pave the path to astounding singing control.