True devotion to singing success is hardly found nowadays.

Truth be told…

Most wanna-be singers today dream of standing in the starlight…but shy away from putting in the work…like vampires shy away from the burning daylight.

To get onto the top of the charts though…hard work is inevitable.

Regardless what some singing guru might tell you, you do NOT…

Add two octaves to your range overnight…
Develop perfect pitch with doing one simple trick…
Or show off crazy coloratura in an instant.

You see, all of this is achievable…even if you think of yourself as the antithesis to a singer.

But none of this can be accomplished, if you’re a lazy bum who’s not willing to sing scales…do breathing exercises…and practice songs, every day or every other day.

You know, there’s a reason why some notes are called “money notes”.
Because only few vocalists are able to sing them so well, people will whip out their wallet…to get a copy of the record or buy a concert ticket.

One of these bad-ass singers is the uncrowned ‘Queen of Overpowering’, Christina Aguilera.

She devoted herself to achieving utmost singing success from an early age on. She put in blood, tears, and sweat to make her sweet little girl’s dream come true.

The result?

100 million records sold, 5 Grammy Awards, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and a net worth of $ 185 million.

Not so bad, me thinks.

How would you feel about learning some cool singing stuff directly from this kick-butt siren?

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Enjoy and implement

Felix Cerny