It was in summer while trying on my new trunks that I realized…

The pandemic lockdown has taken its toll on my waistline .

But is it any wonder?

After sitting at home for weeks with grocery stores as the only destination to escape the social isolation…the size of my refrigerator content… as well as the size of my belly had increased exponentially.

Tis was when, on a sunny Saturday afternoon, I met up with Michael. My cousin and long-suffering bandmate who is also a triathlon fanatic. Always ripped…always in top-notch shape.

To my surprise he confessed that he’d also gained some pounds during the lockdown. But with the help of an acclaimed diet..also some of the most famous Hollywood stars like Hugh Jackman or Jen Anniston swear by…he got himself back in outstanding shape again.

It’s called the 16/8 diet. And if you’re interested in it…you know how to use Google, right?

But anyway, that’s all I needed to hear.

As a man of instant implementation…I started the „miracle“ diet the very next day.

And I got disappointed. Big time.

Because, in 2 weeks…I only lost 2 pounds. After all I’ve heard, I expected much faster progress.

Quite frankly, I almost was on the brink of quitting and going back to my old eating habits.

Thanx to god, I thought twice.

Because when I thought about it, I could see that I definitely was on the right track. This just wasn’t a quick fix solution. But the benefits I’ve gotten outta the 16/8 diet so far outweighed my disappointments.

You see, since I’ve been on the 16/8 diet, I never felt stuffed again…although I eat quite normal the rest of the day. And I also like the fact that I don’t have to waste so much time on preparing breakfast, eating, and then cleaning up. As my most productive time of the day is in the morning… I’m happy to be able to save a good hour now.

And there are a lot more benefits to it.

But the biggest Aha moment was when I realized that if I sticked to it…even if I make slow progress…the difference I’d be going to see in 6 months or 12 months from now will be HUGE.

You know, it all comes down to consistency. Sticking to a good habit will yield amazing results over time.

And that’s exactly how you can go from being a lousy…to a good… to a great singer.   

It doesn’t happen overnight. But if you practice the right technique…you will make small improvements every day…which add up to a HUGE improvement after a year.

If you don’t believe me, turn on your crappy recorder. Sing a song you like.

Then do this in 12 months from now after having spend the year working on your voice consistently. And listen to the two versions .

I guarantee…you’ll be shockingly surprised what a difference you’re about to hear on the tapes.

Mark my words.


Felix Cerny