One of the biggest mistakes I see newbie singers make is practicing too much.

And by doing so they’re really sabotaging themselves.

Look at me, I was a perfect example of a young gun, who thought more is more.

When I started taking voice lessons, back in the day when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, I was a strong opponent of going the ekstra mile.

And that’s how it looked like…

After an intense voice lesson with my teacher I would go home, gulped down some pasta…and then jumped right into repeating the exercises over and over and over again.

Oh boy, what a fool I’ve been.

But hey, my intentions were good. I just wanted to get better…as fast as humanly possible. 

But instead of really mastering the exercises and improve my voice in lightning speed…the total opposite happened:

With every additionional repetition, the exercises got worse…

My voice started cracking at the high notes…

And eventually I got hoarse.

And to make things worse, the mindfuck train started rolling …

“Oh shit, the exercises don’t work”

“I knew it, I’m just not cut out for singing”

“Let’s face it Felix, you’ll never become a good singer”

And that’s exactly how you can turn what originally had been a pretty good voice lesson…into a total vocal mess.

And here’s the underlying reason all this happened:

Singing is a process of muscle activity. When you learn to sing all you REALLY do is getting better at working and coordinating those muscles.

And, if you’ve ever been to a gym, guess what happens if you pump iron for 4 hours?

Exactly – you will meet Brother Fatigue…and not be able to hold a dirty cheap pen without trembling.

And what does that mean for singing?

If you keep hammering on your vocal muscles by doing intense and new singing exercises…your muscles get tired out. 

And once they’re out of order like a wet towel…your voice gets shaky…and cracks…and stiff.

And the next thing that happens is that your singing lands flat on your vocal cords. 

Goodbye smooth voice, hello hoarseness!

That’s why…

Here’s a mucho better idea:

  • Limit your practice time to 60 minutes a day
  • Practice with highest possible concentration
  • Then call it a day and do something else

Follow this advice and you will yield incredible results. 


Felix Cerny

The Underground Singer

 P.S. If you want to learn the ropes of singing, I strongly encourage you to start with the correct breathing technique.
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