There are probably two kinds of singers out there:

  1. The young bloods who want a shortcut to one helluva voice…then lose interest if they don’t see it happening (*surprise*)
  2. The true singers. Dedicated artists who are connected to music and singing on a deeper level …regardless of their age or skill level

If you fall into category 1, there’s not much I can do for you. You’d be better off following some guru who promises you to sing like a star in 14 days or less.

But if singing holds a special place in your heart …and the only thing that’s blocking you right now from moving ahead is a lack of vocal skillset… then I’d be happy to be the wind beneath your wings.

Especially if you’ve already been on this splash blue planet for a while.

Read on…

I know there are a lot of folks out there who have done some singing when they were younger.

Maybe they weren’t the next best superstar, but good enough to sing in a local band and have a rockin’ good time.

But then…life got in the way.


A stressful job…
Time-demanding kidz…
Or maybe a spouse who wasn’t cool with all the rehearsing and live performing.

And guess what happened?

They moved away from what they once loved to do.

Bit by bit.

Slowly but steadily…until…there wasn’t much left but a fading memory.

If that’s you, I’ve only got ONE tiny question:

Do you still have the urge to sing?
Do you still get these shivering sensations when you think about getting back on stage and enjoying your deepest passion?

If yes…let’s make a promise. Here and NOW.


Free yourself from this nagging feeling of not living up to your true destiny.

Climb back into the saddle and do whatever is the next step you oughta do.

  • If your voice feels rusty or you never really worked on developing solid singing skills…start training your voice.
  • If you’re confident about your singing but you have no companeros…look out for a band or an accompanying musician.
  • If you have all that at your hand, but no gigs…get yourself booked up at your local bar for the next 6 months

If you are excited about this idea, yet feel overwhelmed…I’ve got good news fo ya:

You only have to do ONE tiny step to get you started.

Now here’s the catch…

You have to do it TODAY. 

‘Cause we all know, tomorrow never comes…

Your pal

Felix Cerny

The Underground Singer

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