How To Start A Music Blog – And Make Money

You are a musician, a DJ or an audio engineer? You know your craft and are looking for ways to pass on your knowledge. You like to write and make some (good) money on the side?

Perfect, then I think it’s time to start your own blog.

Trust me, with a little guidance it’s easier than you think. I’ve put together my own experience to give you some ideas how to start a music blog and eventually make money with it.

Start With Your Why

Before we talk about your first step, give yourself a break and think about why you want to do this.Why make a music blog

If money is the only reason, than you’d better prepare yourself for delayed gratification. It can take up to 6-12 months before you see your first dime. The reason simply is, that Google needs time to trust your site. No trust = bad ranking = only few people know that your site even exists = almost zero traffic.

Statistically, after 6 months the majority of newbie bloggers give up. Most of them probably are close to their breakthrough, but as they don’t see much of a result, they leave and call blogging a scam.

If you are really interested in blogging about something you’re passionate about, then getting some money out of it will not be you’re primary goal. At least the excitement to share your knowledge and put down in words what you have to offer will be the medicine to keep your blogging activities alive.

Once you take off financially, you can enjoy the ride.

Choose A Sub-Niche

When you take a look at Google, you will find that almost every topic is already covered multiple times. This can sometimes lead to discouragement. But don’t be.

On the one hand, there are many sub niches and you just have to make sure that you fish in a smaller pond, where you have less competition. On the other hand, like Sinead O’Connor once knew: Nothing compares to you. Even, if you write about the same topic like hundred other guys, you will give different answers.

Why? Because every one is a unique combination of different talents. No one has made exactly the same experiences as you and knows all the stuff you do.

Lastly, The best will always rise to the top, no matter where they start from.

The task is to find a sub niche within your niche.

For instance if you are a pro music producer, you may want to focus on music production with Apple’s’ Logic Pro X. In my opinion it’s always better to be the best in a sub niche with low competition than average in a big niche.

Get Your Domain & Learn Blogging

Next step is to get a domain with a coherent name like e.g. “producewithlogic”. Always look for a .com domain as these are the most respected ones. After you’ve purchased the domain, you also need a host provider. There are several around like Go Daddy or Host Gator.

Especially for bloggers, I personally recommend Wealthy Affiliate. They do a great job in hosting and also offer a comprehensive step-by-step training program about blogging and monetizing.

Although blogging is no rocket science (which Elon Musk claimed to have learned through books), you have to follow some rules with regard to …

– How to set up an article
– How to find the right keywords to use in your post
– How to implement some SEO hacks, so that you get ranked on Google, Bing and Yahoo

Writing a music blog

You save yourself some precious time just to follow the program and execute, what you learn instead of browsing the internet to seek answers yourself.

The good thing about the Wealthy Affiliate program is: You can immediately start blogging and refine your skills along the way.

Your task is to write a new blog post at least 2 times/ week. That should just be a matter of writing down what you already know. That’s’s possible.

In the beginning it can feel intricately, but just because you’re not used to it. Once you integrate writing in your weekly routine, it will become more and more natural to you.

Create Traffic – Find Your Audience

All right, so you’re still with me. Great. I can already picture you shooting out your posts. Now it’s time to think about generating traffic.

1) Search Engines

No doubts, the traffic source no1 is – Google. When you make it on the first page of Google you’ve done everything right and visitors will flock in passively. The bad news is: depending on your niche, this can take a while.

As already mentioned: Don’t expect to get high Google rankings in the first couple months. Google observes and examines your website on a regular basis. Just keep on writing awesome and relevant content and apply some SEO hacks. Everything else is just a matter of time.

I’ve recently participated in a training, where the presenter shared some Google Analytics of 5 different sites. Although in different niches, they were comparable regarding the invested effort of it’s owner.

Everyone was struggling with rankings and traffic until the 6-8 month mark of its existence. Suddenly there was a sharp uplift of traffic followed by a constant rise over the next months.

2) Social Media

If you don’t want to rely on Google alone, I have good news for you. You have other options to boost the traffic to your site. I recommend throwing it all on the wall and see what sticks.

social media music blog

The best results you can be expected from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

The task here is not to simply post or tweet, but follow other people in your chosen field, engage in discussions and gain authority. Rule number one is “create value”.

Gary Vaynerchuck is an expert in this field. You can check out my review of Crushing it!. If you want the deepest knowledge and mindset how to use social media for your success then his books are must have.

3) Discussion Forums

This can be a secret weapon for traffic generation and I tell you why. That’s the place, where your target group assembles. Forums like Reddit or Quora are basically created to connect people who have questions with people who know the answers.

Here’s, how it goes. Get a free account and subscribe to a subcategory (your niche). Then simply answer upcoming questions and link to a specific post of your site. So, let’s say someone asks how to create new drum patterns in Logic Pro X. You answer the question on a general level. Then you write something like “Actually I’ve recently written an article about exactly how to create new drum patterns”.

If you’re general answer signals, that you know what you’re talking about, he and many other will click on your link to get in depth information.

Although this is a method to bring some more visitors to your site, it is basically creating value to other people. Overall, guy will be glad having his questions answered.

That’s’s great stuff, you have to try out and see how it works out for you. Just bear in mind that you stick to the policy of forums like Reddit or Quora. You always have to provide valuable answers. They allow you to post a link to your post in addition, but forbid to post any affiliate links.

Monetize Your Blog

Last, but certainly not least you will want to make some good money out of what you’ve built up so far. It doesn’t make much sense to think about monetisation, when starting out brand new. Once you managed to create a constant and relevant traffic stream to your site, it’s time to make some money.

make money from your music blog

It’s like you have an offline shop, where interested people keep coming in and you need some products to sell. With an online business, you have several product options.

1) Sell advertising space on your website

Most prominent products are Google Adsense, Amazon CPM ads or A lot of bloggers do this, but I personally would not recommend it.

On the one hand, you get very little money, even if you have thousands of visitors a day. On the other hand, it can really spoil your website and your credibility.

You have to try it out for yourself. Some ads can be more decent, but in general there are better ways for monetizing.

2) Sell other people’s products = affiliate marketing

A great way to make money is recommending other products as an affiliate. Let’s say you write about the newest drum kit plugin and how it can enhance the quality of your tracks. At the end of your review you post a link, where your readers can purchase the plug-in.

If a user clicks on this link and eventually buys the product, you get paid a commission.

In order to do so, you first have to participate in the affiliate program of the company. You will be provided with an affiliate link that tracks the customers coming from your site.

Within the music niche there are many, many programs. Just google, e.g “music production affiliate program”.

There are some bigger overarching companies like Clickbank, who comprise thousands of different products.
Another important program is Amazon Associates.

Sometimes you have to directly connect with the company of the product, but most of them have some already affiliate programs in place.

3) Sell your own product

Probably one of the most lucrative ways to make money out of your blog is to sell your own product. That’s definitely not for everyone. There are many bloggers, who are skilled researchers and know how to write enticing reviews. The can probably write about anything.

But if you are a well-trained and experienced musician, you can create your own product like a training course, e-book, coaching program – you name it.

Certainly, it comes with some additional workload, but if it sells well, it’s more than worth it.


Deciding to start your own music blog is definitely a good idea, if you are experienced in your art, like to write and interact with people. The music niche is full of opportunities.

If you are interested in making some money on the side – who isn’t?- there are certain steps to follow. 1. Find your niche (you’ve already selected) 2. Get a domain and hosting service 3. Write content 4. Get traffic and 5. Monetize your blog.

From my own experience I can say that it is an exciting and enjoying journey.

If you want to start your own music blog right now, I can highly recommend the Wealthy Affiliate training program, where you will get all information and free web hosting (for members). They offer a free membership (with limited access), what is a perfect option to see if you like it.







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  1. Dany - October 1, 2018 Reply

    So much comprehensive information. As you describe it, it seems a child play. I see you recommend Wealthy Affiliate; does it makes sense to pay for a premium membership? As far as I can see they offer a starter membership as well. Can I start and develop a blog only with starter membership?

    • Felix - October 2, 2018 Reply

      This question comes quite a lot and I heard stories about people not going for the membership and succeeding. Anyways, I assume 98% subscribe to the membership, because it’s an almost unlimited source of knowledge, help and likeminded fellows, you can connect with. To me it’s an investment and there are online training courses taking $1.000 and not offering that value, you can get out of WA.

  2. stephen - October 1, 2018 Reply

    What a great resource for Starting up a blog. I have found some gems that I am putting away so when I take the plung I’ll be ready. Thanks for the walk through.

    • Felix - October 2, 2018 Reply

      Thank you Stephen!

  3. Rebecca Arnold - October 2, 2018 Reply

    Hey Felix! This post is fantastic! It is really well written and thought out and supremely useful. I am new to the online affiliate world and the guidelines above will prove to be valuable, especially for music interest. Thank you very much!

    • Felix - October 2, 2018 Reply

      Thanks for stopping by and reading. Apply everything and you’ll be one step further in your blogging journey. Good luck!

  4. Doc - October 2, 2018 Reply

    Awesome post! well written, great content I will be using some of those tips. Never thought about using Reddit to drive my own traffic I’m about to go see if they have a health section now. Thanks a million Felix!

    • Felix - October 2, 2018 Reply

      Yeah, I bet they have a health section there. Go, do it and you’ll see instant effects.

  5. Asen - October 2, 2018 Reply

    Hi there! I woulddefinitely go the affiliate marketing way when deciding how to monetize my music blog. You give some really cool advices and I also agre with your point about Google Adsense.

    • Felix - October 2, 2018 Reply

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  6. Andy - October 2, 2018 Reply

    Hi Felix just wanted to leave a comment and say thank you so much for an enlightening article. There is great information here that people can use to turn their passion in to a real income!

    • Felix - October 2, 2018 Reply

      Thank you Andy!

  7. Garen - October 4, 2018 Reply

    I’ve never really thought about making money as a musician. However, how do you feel about doing a video blog rather than writing content. For me, I am not always crazy about writing articles.

    I have often toyed with the idea of doing a video blog. Basically, just putting the transcription down below.

    • Felix - October 5, 2018 Reply

      Hi Garen, thanks for stopping by. If you don’t fancy writing, you can totally do a Vlog instead. Just open up a Youtube channel and build up your followers. You can apply most of the techniques described in this article, as well.

      Good luck and all the best!

  8. Thabo - October 6, 2018 Reply

    Wow great article for motivating people who have talent of dance and music to start our online business.
    The tips you show here are very effective since a passion is something we could all enjoy.
    I also like that you are well-informed about helping a person start. Thank you

  9. Kenny - October 11, 2018 Reply

    Hi and thanks for your very insightful post about how to create and monetise your site. I think tat too many people don’t understand that you have to take some time and patience in order to get a steady stream of traffic to your site. Thanks for highlighting this and other useful tips in your article. Kenny 

  10. Renton - October 11, 2018 Reply

    Great post. As a fellow musical blogger I think this is great. There is space out here for all of us willing to try. Don’t be scared of not having anything to write. If two people write write about the same topic, the chances are high that they will come up with completely different articles due to the fact that life shapes us differently. 

    One thing I assumed was that writing a blog would force you to grow (growing is uncomfortable). When you are teaching others you really have to know your stuff, and if you don’t……You can just research it! Music is a language and many people understand it, unfortunately you have to walk it back to English so that mere mortals can understand what you are talking about 🙂

    It really is fun to talk about something you are passionate and good at. It is a good way to build a legacy because if you help even one person along their journey, I think that your mark on humanity can snowball and touch people so far down the line they aren’t even born yet! (maybe too dramatic?)

  11. Andrea - October 13, 2018 Reply

    What a great idea to start your music blog. This is a great niche and one that is loved by many. Making money online is not only doable but very lucrative if you know what you ar doing. This is a Greta way for a musician or artist to start their online business. Thank you so much for sharing this it’s very informative. 

  12. Kisumu - October 13, 2018 Reply

    Hi Felix,

    This was a very good and thorough review on making a blog that anyone can follow in any niche. I agree with you in hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, it is much better than anywhere else, and I am saying it as a personal experience. Whenever I had any problem, I got answer very soon, sometimes in mins, while at other hosting companies, it can take days if not weeks and it can slow your business down a lot.

    I really like that you give examples to everything, that is a great help to everyone.

  13. Daniel - October 13, 2018 Reply

    I think that this article is for my brother. He is musician and he really have talent for music. He often asked me how he can start his own music website and I told him that it takes time and hard work. I am sure that he can earn big cash if he build his own blog. Thank you for this helpful words and advises, I did not know that it is not that hard as everyone talks about.

  14. Todd - October 13, 2018 Reply


    This is a nice read, and you are spot on about many bloggers giving up to soon. This business takes time to get it all rolling like you mentioned. I like the fact that you mentioned to find a sub-niche, this works well due to the competition online. If you have a unique niche you have a better chance at being an authority in that field and then the rankings will come and the money will follow. Your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is a solid choice since they are legit and offer more than just hosting and training, but an entire suite of tools and information to help you out.


  15. lynnsamuelson - October 13, 2018 Reply

    Starting any type of blog can seem intimidating  at first unless you have some kind of resource to get you through the fundamentals. I can vouch that WA offers great training for newbies and experienced bloggers alike. My son who’s very into the guitar has been trying to find ways to make money out of his passion and when I suggested blogging about it he basically rolled his eyes. I’m  planning to tell him about this post and hopefully hearing this from someone other than his mother will trigger something:)  Great article!

  16. Robin Fernandez - October 13, 2018 Reply

    Hi Felix, I just started writing articles myself with Wealthy Affiliate and I am working my way through their training program as well.   I have found the training to be excellent and the WA community to be unbelievably supportive!  They really do lay it out for you step by step, and then answer any questions that you might have.  I highly recommend it to your readers.

    I wish you great continued success ….

  17. Holly Knudson - October 19, 2018 Reply

    Great article on how to start a music blog. What a fun niche and subject to be involved in. I love blogging and at its essence it’s really just about sharing your knowledge with others to help improve their lives. 

    Of course, learning about keyword research, encouraging engagement, and SEO are all essential components to drive traffic to your your blog, and ultimately increase conversions. Affiliate and social media marketing are also important tools to increase your success. 

    Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best platform to learn all the skills necessary to succeed online. Thanks for the tips to creating and monetizing a successful blog!

  18. Bibian - October 19, 2018 Reply

    That’s an awesome post for individuals that are into music and seeking for a means to set up a music blog. You really said it all, opening a blog do worth monetizing it. I once own a music download blog but not hosted on Wealthy Affiliate but all hope was lost when Google banned my Adsense, It’s now I am on Wealthy Affiliate that I actually understand that Affiliate marketing is nice and to be engaged in for bloggers. 

    • Felix - October 21, 2018 Reply

      Oh, what a bummer! I still don’t get, why you only earned through adsense. Anyways, Wealthy Affiliate is a good place to learn.

  19. Maria - October 19, 2018 Reply

    Hi Felix,

    Your post is encouraging for musicians and everyone who read it. It is very informative, you described step by step how to begin a niche and blogging.

    For getting traffic is a nice option to go to forums in Quora and/or Reddit, as you said those are secret weapon for traffic generation. I haven’t heard about that, but once I was making a research and got directly to Quora and got a free account, I didn’t go back there, now I will do, Yes 😉

    Your proposal to sell your own product in the site is very attractive. This implies courses, lessons, eBooks. Do you think is it possible to sell sheet music that you can write? I have someone close to me that will be very interesting to read your post, do you mind if I share it with him?

    Thank you for sharing this post 🙂

    • Felix - October 21, 2018 Reply

      Maria, please share this post with everyone you want. My goal with myvocalskills is to help and ignite other people, whose interests spin around singing/macing music.
      As for the Q&A sites: If you want to increase traffic, you should definitely go back there and provide help and link to your site.

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