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Product: Earmaster 7 Professional
Best for: Singers, musicians, audio engineers
My Rating: 9.8 out of 10

The Earmaster 7 Pro, Product Overview

When it comes to singing, many vocal flaws will be excused, if not even appreciated, by the audience. You can sing with a shrill, squeezed or a whining voice. You can push for high notes, mumble or screech. But there is one thing, you just can’t turn into something beautiful. Simply said: If you sing outta tune, your performance sucks.

And what that means is…

Besides improving your vocal skills, you should always “work” your ears. It’s a certain mechanism that shoots the signal from your ears to your brain and further along to your vocal chords. If there’s something wrong at the beginning of the line, you can do whatever you want, but still will sing awfully wrong.

Earmaster – The #1 in music education software

The Danish company Earmaster has been around for more than 20 years. Their goal is to provide simple and easy tools for improving musicians” ears and musicality. I’ve been a fan of their products from the very beginning and always found working with Earmaster not only very effective, but also darn funny.earmaster sight reading

Earmaster 7 Pro – Exciting and Playful

Earmaster 7 Professional is an enhancement of the earlier versions, comprising over 2.500 lessons, created by music teachers from renowned music schools. Starting with a Beginners Course, you can further join a General Workshop and a Jazz Workshop.

Besides a complete and thorough music theory course for absolute beginners, one of the best advantages of Earmaster 7 Pro is its interactivity. Working on your ear training you are engaged to hear, sing, clap your hands and make notes.

Earmaster is a program that puts music theory into action. No matter if you sing or play the guitar, your music will always benefit from training your ears and your musicality.

What will you learn?

From my experience, the key to better ears is training to recognize intervals and chords. I don’t know how it exactly works in the brain, but it amazed me that, by repeating exercises over and over again, I was suddenly able to distinguish between a sixth and a fifth. Something I couldn’t do, when I first started working with Earmaster.

earmaster 7 pro beginners course
In another section, you can check your intonation by singing back notes, intervals and melodies. Afterwards, you will see, how accurate your attempt was.

Very useful are also the training sessions for rhythm and sight-reading.


Is Earmaster 7 Pro the real deal?

In conclusion, I think the danish boys from Earmaster have done a great job. The ridiculously low price, starting at $2.99/month, is in no way related to what you can get out of the program.

As the name implies, you will have a tool to truly master your ears and your musicality. Regardless of your current musical level, Earmaster 7 Pro is suitable for beginners as well was for advanced students.

Benefit from a wide range of features
  • 2.500 lessons
  • Interactive learning
  • Intervals, chords, rhythm, scales, melodies
  • Available for Windows and Mac
  • Multilingual (English, Spanish, German and many more)
  • Easy to use

So, don’t think twice.
Get a copy of Earmaster 7 Pro NOW and turn yourself into a top-notch singer and musician.


Well, that’s it.
I hope, that review was useful and if you have any further questions…just checkout the Earmaster website.

Yours truly
Felix Cerny

12 thoughts on “Earmaster 7 Pro Review – Train Your Ears, Master Your Pitch”

  1. Really nice review and something that I always wanted to do was sing in tune. I’m not very good at that but this sounds like a good way to learn by letting you know when you sing out of tune. Sounds like a great product.

  2. Wow, great tool. I didn’t know so far there is such tool on the market!
    Maybe, one day if I decide to start singing, or to learn how to sing and to improve my vocal, I might take a look at it.
    I am sure this tool is a great help for anyone who loves music and wants to improve their vocal and ear skills.
    Very nice review. Easy to read, clear explanation about the features and nice presentation of it.
    Good pick of the product. Well done.

  3. Hi. I have been looking for the same product, but after reading your review looks that I have my mind set. Great review and thank you for sharing

  4. This is amazing! I had no idea that the Earmaster 7 existed! I’ve always been pretty gifted in music, but this sounds right up my alley to improve in tone and in recognition of specific notes which have proven difficult to memorize in the past.

    Great review, thanks!

  5. This is a great review and for curiosity sake, I might just pick this up and play with it… 

    I never knew such software even existed, this is absolutely amazing. Thank you for the great review. 

    I wonder, is it just for signing, or could it help someone who is trying to learn a new language or dialect?



  6. Earmaster 7 Pro sounds like a great product. I always wanted to do better in singing. My singing is just ok. It’s not the best. I always have a hard time hitting the high note. I had no idea that is such a product on the market.I have a friend that likes to sing. I think she can benefit from this product. I might get one for for birthday since the price for this product is not too expensive. Thank you for the review. I enjoyed it.   

    1. Thank you Hong for stepping by and reading my review. I honestly can recommend it. I’ve personally used it and it changed my whole pitch-system. It sounds strange, but suddenly my brain just got it.

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