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How To Start A Singing Career – 5 Useful Steps To Get Going

Reading this article right now, you probably think about wanting a career in singing.You might say, that singing is your biggest passion and you’ve always dreamed about making a living out of it. Stop dreaming and start acting! We never know, what the future really holds for us. There are no guarantees in life and

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How To Sing In a Band – Advices To Become A Successful Frontman

Here you are. You’ve done your homework. Your voice is in perfect shape, you have┬áthe first songs are on the table and you are ready to rumble. You’ve made your decision: The time has come to pursue a new adventure and become a singer in a band. Already, you can see yourself playing in front

Online Karaoke

Singing Karaoke Online – Top 3 Sites You Should Visit

When I was a teenager, Karaoke became popular and every Friday and Saturday young aspiring singers climbed the stage for their unique versions of “Final Countdown” or “Take On Me”. As times changed, PlayStation’s Singstar moved Karaoke singers from local bars to private living rooms. Now you didn’t have to wait for another hour to