Many suns ago, I went to a vocal summer camp.

My back-then singing teacher recommended it to me as a popular national songwriter held a class about…you guessed it…songwriting.

And while the class itself was mediocre at best (didn’t really learn anything new), I got to know other singers/songwriters.

Which of one was a very talented Swiss gal called Kim.

It was pretty obvious to all of us, that she just had “it”.

A cristal-clear, hair-raising beautiful voice that’d send shivers down your spine every time she started to sing. 

Something like Adele, if I had to come up with a famous singer to compare her with.

But Kim, unfortunately, had one fatal flaw, which made all her angel-like voice completely worthless.

Insecurity was written all over her face.

When I talked to her, she couldn’t even look me in the eyes…

She blushed if you complemented her on her voice…

And it always took us forever to convince her to sing another song.

Yeah, it was her biggest dream to become a well-known artist.

But when I met her years later, she hadn’t moved at all.

Still struggling with her inner game and to overcome her shyness. She just couldn’t break free from what’s been holding her back.

If you’re like Kim, quite honestly, I feel sorry for you. But you have it in your own hands.

On the other hand…

If you’re bold and ready to crash & burn…BUT your friends or family don’t jump up in excitement when they hear you sing…chances are you have the better cards.

Because with a little work and guidance, you can stack the odds strongly in your favor.


Simply by learning a rock-solid, proven singing technique.

Just like the one taught by Melanie Alexander and her famous singing program Singorama.

You might want to check it out.

Rock hard and feel good

Felix Cerny