The digital age has blessed us with wonderful opportunities. One of the biggest benefits of the internet is the possibility, to get almost every information on any subject for free.

That also applies to the world of musical education like guitar lessons or singing lessons.

Nevertheless, as a beginner it can be very confusing to choose between a broad offer.

I’ve checked them all out and will guide you to the best free online singing lessons on the web.

Times Have Changed

I admit, I believed it, too. I didn’t think, you get anything valuable for free. Why should someone give something to you, without expecting anything in return?

It’s somehow in our DNA, because that’s the way we experienced life. Everything has its price. Food, clothes, medicine, education, homes, etc.

If you wan to learn something new, you have to subscribe to a course or buy a book. If you want to be taught, you have to book a coach.

As valid as these old -and still useful- ways are, times have changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The digital area whatsoever has been the real game changer here.

For Free ≠ SCAM

The only real problem we have is, that we deem something that’s inexpensive or even for free valueless. That’s why a lot of people make big money selling average goods at horrendous prices.

Have you ever thought to yourself “Wow, that’s expensive. So it must be really good.”? And how many times have we been disappointed by the quality of a highly priced product?

Anyways, these days you can really find valuable content for free on the internet. There are very smart and experienced people, who freely educate you through their blog or YouTube channel.

Still don’t know, why the give away their knowledge for free? Basically, most of them still want to sell. Maybe a course, or a membership, or something else.

So, in order to gain trust and authority, they have to prove that they know what they’re doing.

The best way to do this, is to give free tips and share some insights with your audience.

Once you’re convinced, that this guy is the real deal, you are willing to open up your wallet and purchase one of his product, e.g. a premium master course.

Truth is, often further courses will not bring substantial new information.

Nevertheless, if you’re smart -and I bet you are- you can still take benefit of their teasing content.

The Best YouTube Channels for Singing

I’ve searched the internet over the last few years for everything related to singing tips.

Here is my vote for my favorite free singing teachers on YouTube:

1) Kevin Richards from Rock the Stage

Kevin really knows what he’s doing with his voice and how to teach others. He has a very healthy vocal approach and you can hear it in any note he sings. He shares a broad variety of his vocal technique and demonstrates, how you can use a perfectly mixed voice for Rock songs. Although I don’t know him in person, he looks like a genuine guy. His videos are sometimes lacking recording quality, but his free singing content on YouTube is one of the best.

2) Brett Manning from Singing Success

Brett is just a cool guy and he was one of the first vocal coaches that appeared on the internet and provided us with free lessons. He is well-known for his famous clients, like Taylor Swift, Leona Lewis or Keith Urban.

Surely, he uses free stuff to promote his singing program “Singing Success”. Anyways, Brett has some great tips and I like his laid-back approach.

3) Eric Arcenaux from Aaproach

What I like about Eric’s videos is, that he teaches a lot about warm-up, breathing exercises and the physical importance of singing. He is a RnB artist and a professional vocal coach, who worked with contestants from the TV show “X-Factor”.


What Can You Expect?

You can already learn a lot by watching these free tutorials and try to sing along.

Basically, 90% of what singing technique is about has been covered.

The work is on you to click through everything you can find.

If you want to go with Kevin, Brett or Eric, just look whose approach fits best with your personality and your style.

Then watch every single free video and practice on a daily basis.

You won’t grasp every detail in one week, so give it at least a month or two to evaluate your improvement.

Why Should You Pay At All?

Well, there are a few downsides to only watching free YouTube lessons.

1. There is no structure to it. Sometimes there is a “Warmup-Part 1” video, but you can’t find the next parts.

There is no beginning and no end. It seems that the videos are randomly jumbled and it takes a lot of time, only to find what you’re looking for.

2. Videos can be retained from the side, so you won’t find them anymore.

3. You will never get any feedback to your singing attempts. Feedback is super important, especially in singing, where you will always hear it differently inside your body. Only a private lesson (in person or via Skype) can provide you with valuable feedback.


Watching free singing tutorials on YouTube is a great way to get started. There are some excellent vocal coaches around, who share their knowledge.

If you are new to this subject, use the opportunity of free singing lessons to make your first steps.

Depending on your ambitions and goals, you still can extend on a later stage and book a course or private lessons.

What’s your experience with free online singing lessons?




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  1. I began learning about singing a few years ago by watching videos from Eric Arceneaux. I discovered after that Brett Manning and a few others. I didn’t know Kevin Richards! Thanks for sharing 😉

    1. Yeah, I know. Kevin is relatively unknown and you can also tell by his website that he doesn’t have a big marketing department in the background. But he he definitely knows much about singing. Especially, if you want to do Rock.

  2. This is a great post, very interesting read, i do a bit of singing myself and i do require vocal coaching, keep up the posts and good work.
    thanks Chris

  3. You have no idea how happy I am that I came across your site. I love singing but it has been a long time ago… Thanks for sharing these excellent singing lessons and reminding me to start singing again. Look forward to reading more of your articles. Cheers!

  4. I have no experience with online singing lessons, yet. But I have sung some and know that I would like to sing better. I think that I will bookmark your page and comeback and watch the videos. Good post and thanks for this info.

  5. Hello Felix, thank you for sharing this awesome blog. I have been singing for a while and have been out of practice. I am so happy that you posted these great videos. I have been having a hard time finding quality vocal training. Now I can add these videos to my warm ups.

    1. Hello Rama, thank you for your comment. I know exactly what you mean.
      I wish you all the best and may your voice shine again 🙂

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