I’m sure you’ve seen this on YouTube. 

A vocal coach watches a performance of a popular singer…and reacts to it. 

And people are sitting in front of their computers (or smartphones) and watch his reaction. 

Isn’ that insane? Yet this trend has been going on for some time now. And it has become so popular that even some big vocal gurus started to jump on that bandwagon. 

Is it really that exciting to watch someone who’s watching someone? 
Honestly, I think it’s stupid. 

Even more, because it’s all about the emotional outbreak of the vocal coach. So the whole thing that carries that fad is the “Uhs” and “Ohs” from these astounded vocal coaches. And them making a face. 

But there’s also something valuable to see… 

Some of those vocal coaches take their time to explain what the singer is doing…or what he should be doing. 

And while I don’t think this is what most of the viewers came for… 

It gives an insight into the world of taking singing lessons. 

Where you constantly get this kind of feedback… 
Tailored to your unique voice and singing level… 
Packed with helpful tips about where you can improve. 

And that’s what really can lift your voice…and cut the time to develop a great voice in HALF. 

So, if you’re still on the fence wether or not you should look out for a singing teacher… 
Don’t think twice. 

At least if you’re serious about improving your singing. 

But isn’t that why you’re reading this kind of stuff? 

Felix “vocal coach” Cerny 

P.S. Studying with a private teacher is by far the best way to learn how to sing.

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