Everything that goes on in the world follows one big system. The 80/20 principle.

It’s an amazing concept and today I wanna tell you a bit about it and show you what it can do for your voice.

The 80/20 Principle was discovered by a genius Italian economist. His name was Alfredo Pareto. So some people know it as the Pareto principle.

Basically, Pareto found out that 80% of the wealth is owned by only 20% of the people.

Pretty crazy, right?

Later on, he went even further with his research and discovered how the 80/20 system can be applied to EVERYTHING in the world.


80% of software problems are caused by 20% of bugs…
80% of crimes are committed by 20% of criminals…
80% of all traffic accidents are caused by 20% of drivers.

But what has this all to do with you singing better?

A lot.

When you apply the 80/20 rule to singing it goes like this…

20% of all the singing exercises known to man will improve your voice by 80%.

In other words…  

Less is more.

And you can break down this 20% into 3 categories.

  1. The Positioning
  2. The Breathing
  3. The Flexibility

If you focus on these 3 pillars with just 1 or 2 exercises each, you will be astounded how your voice not slightly improves…but quantum leaps you to reaching your goals.

Once you know how to address these 3 areas effectively, it will take you no longer than 20 minutes a day for getting MASSIVE results almost overnight.

Once I was introduced to this concept and the powerful exercises that go along(I really never saw any other singing course teaches this), I was able to literally UNLEASH my voice.

I just couldn’t believe how fast the changes and improvements came.

I was always an ambitious student and I practiced day in day out. Yet the results weren’t satisfying. In fact, I only improved very slowly…Although I saw my vocal teacher every week.  

Maybe you don’t have the time to practice long hours every day. Or maybe you tend to oversing because you’re so ambitious (that’s what happened to me actually)

So here’s the good news…

Following the 80/20 principle, you won’t believe how little effort can create such huge improvements.

Sometimes it feels like “Where did this sound come from?”

If you want to learn more about the 80/20 singing system than stay tuned.

Soon, I will reveal to you the single most effective breathing exercise under the sun.

Back in the day, I have tried every breathing hack I could get my hands on.
But when was introduced to THIS exercise, my breathing and singing abilities changed dramatically…in almost no time. 

I’m excited for you.

Because I know what it has done for me and what it will do for you, too.

See you on the other side

Felix “vocal coach” Cerny