“The proof is in the singing”

That’s probably one of the most prominent quotes from Ken Tamplin…and his very successful marketing pitch, too.

If you’ve been searchin’ around the internet for singing tips, you must know Ken.

He is the most successful online vocal coaches now.

Another smart move he does is posting YouTube videos where he sings cover Rock songs. Most of them are fucking high and he sure picked them on purpose to show off.

Don’t get me wrong. 

It’s incredible what he’s been able to do with his voice…even at his age (don’t know exactly but somewhere in his fifties).

His message is clear…

“If I can do it, I can teach it to you, too”

He even goes on step further and explains…

“If you’re about to watch one of these vocal courses ads where the instructor doesn’t sing at all – run”

Although I understand his bottomline….I TOTALLY DISAGREE.

And here’s why…

There are countless examples of top-notch singers who can’t teach at all.

Just because singing is second nature to them, they can’t understand the troubles beginning singers have. 

On the other hand…

There are teachers, who doesn’t have such a phenomenal voice. But an incredible talent of feeling what the student feels. And helping them improve from where they are right now.

Just like that 72 year-old Russian opera singer coach…who taught my first vocal teacher an old and little-known technique… by only using a few words here and there. No demonstration from her side. 

But the results came fast…and in beautiful notes.
Because she was a master of bringing out the best of other voices.  

So, if you’re about to choose your vocal coach (offline or online)…

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover    

Because in the end it’s only about YOUR voice. And if you can get the results from the right teacher…it doesn’t really matter what he or she’s been able to do.

Think about it…

Talk soon
Felix “coach” Cerny

P.S. I’ll soon load up some videos where I will give you some of my best exercises I’ve learned over the past 15 years. 

P.P.S In the meantime check out at this piece I wrote about the 3 most-common singing sins committed by absolute beginners…and how you can avoid them