“Am I too old for singing?”

To answer this question, I wanna introduce you to a very interesting man… 
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 40 years, you’ve probably heard of the two bands “Deep Purple” and “Black Sabbath”.

Even if it’s not your taste of music, you’ll know that both were pretty big back then.

And there’s something else that these bands have in common…
They used to be the playground for a handsome lad named Glenn Hughes.

While being the bass player for Deep Purple for some years, Glenn did the lead vocals for Black Sabbath in the ’80s.

And Black Sabbath back in the the day means…

Heavy songs…

Heavy touring…
And probably, heavy consumption of …(well you get it ;-))

But anyway….

The point is…

Being a singer in a hard rocking band isn’t the most healthy job on earth.

And there are some bad examples what can happen to your voice… if you are doing this for more than 10 years (sometimes even shorter).

But not so for Glenn.

This astonishing vocalist has turned 69 last week and still rocks the stage like a 20-year old up-and-comer.

What’s more…

His voice is still in perfect shape. He hits ALL the high-notes regularly and is able to perform challenging songs like 30 years ago.

“Cudos to you, Glenn”.

And right now, there’s no end in sight.

So, I’ll be sure he will be doing exactly the same thing when he’s in his 80-ies.

That’s why…

I can only laugh when a 30 year-old greenhorn stops himself from getting started…

Because he or she thinks “Game over”.

Well, I don’t know your age. And it really doesn’t matter.

Because if you’re cultivating a proper singing technique… 
Just like vine…it will only get better with age. 

Talk soon
Felix “your vocal coach” Cerny
P.S. If you want to watch Glenn and see what an almost 70-year-old can still bring to the table….go here.

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