Imagine you’re in the middle of a party.

You’re having a good time.

Then someone, who knows about your secret passion, finds a guitar and wants you to play something.

You are hesitant. But your “friend” is a real pain in the butt…and starts teasing you.

Soon several people join in.

And Suddenly you find yourself heavily under pressure.

“What am I supposed to you?” you ask yourself.

Well, if you have a killer repertoire – good for you. Nothing can be as rewarding as playing in front of an audience and being applauded.

But what if you can’t come up with something that makes you look good… even if you’re just a beginner?

Of course, you could say something like “Sorry guys, but I don’t feel like playing tonight.”


“I don’t know what to play.”

But c’mon. Are you serious?

These are the moments, where you can damage your image as a musician..or make people drop their jaws.

In this article I will help you, build a strong foundation of cover songs, you can use to shine…every single time.

I will not only share some general rules.. but give you 10 ideas of easy songs to sing and play on the guitar.

Don’t Make It Too Hard For Yourself

When you are quite new to playing music, you should be aware of some pitfalls in cover songs. Many amateur musicians make these mistakes. 
Know better…and don’t sound like a greenhorn.  

For some reason, many singers can’t distinguish between an easy song and a song that’s pretty darn hard to sing.

Because when you listen to songs performed by a killer vocalist, everything seems easy.

But the ugly truth is…

The average person in the audience can’t tell if it’s an easy song or not. Actually, he doesn’t even care.

The only thing he cares about is how you perform that piece of music. When you’re trying to sing something completely out of your range and struggling all the way, you certainly don’t get any standing ovations.

Let me help you to shine by following certain rules when you pick a song for your repetoire.

Easy Chords

You can break down the most complex song on earth to very easy chords. The same way you can make a virtuous masterpiece out of “Old Mc Donald had a farm”.

When you are a beginner, go to Google and find an easy version of the songs you want to perform.

Focus on playing it fluently rather than sophisticated. 

Sing Within Your Range

That’s really, really important. You have to stay within your vocal range. It makes no sense to squeak or crack through a song, only because it’s your favorite one. Know your skill level and play it smart.

Learn All Lyrics Off By Heart

It’s simply mandatory to learn all lyrics off by heart. Your performance will suck hopelessly when you can’t recall the words and make something up instead.

Make The Capodaster Your Best Friend

The simplest method to transpose a song to your range is to use a capo. That way you don’t have to learn any new chords. Just slide the capo up and down your fretboard. 

Read my article about how to sing and play the guitar in 3 simple steps to get some more ideas.

Entertain the Hell Out Of the Crowd

People like to listen to a good piece of music. But people LOVE to be entertained. 

What does that mean?

People want to be a part of the show. That’s why you should talk to them. Share something about you in between the songs. Be honest, and vulnerable. People love that.

concert audience

Here are two things that always resonate with my audience.

1. Make jokes

You don’t have to make a fool out of you to entertain. But don’t take yourself too seriously. Be authentic and real.

2. Get your audience to sing along
Protected by the crowd, even the worst singer in the audience will join in and sing along, if his favorite song is being played.
Don’t forget: Deep down inside, EVERYONE loves to sing!

Top 10 Easy Songs To Impress Your Audience

Alrighty…drum roll…here come my 10 all-time-best cover songs that every beginner should have under his belt…

1. Knocking On Heavens Door (Bob Dylan/ Guns ‘n’ Roses)

Very easy to play, within comfortable singing range, probably one of the most known songs in the world.
Get the chords and lyrics here

2. Let It Be (Beatles)

Chorus perfect for the crowd to join in.
Get the chords and lyrics here

3. Wish You Were Here (Pink Floyd)

Listeners will recognize the song by the first 2 notes of the intro riff.
Get the chords and lyrics here

4. Achy Breaky Heart (Billy Ray Cyrus)

Easy vocal line and animating song.
Get the chords and lyrics here

5. Under The Bridge (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

Great intro where you can show some guitar skills.
Get the intro, chords and lyrics here

6. Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)

Okay, this one is just to show off some electric guitar playing skills.
Get the riff here

7. Wonderwall (Oasis)

A classy one with great rhythm
Get the chords and lyrics here

8. Wake Me Up When September Ends (Greenday)

Love that one from Greenday. Be wary of the interval jump in the verse.
Get the chords and lyrics here

9. Always On My Mind (Elvis Presley)

You have to have “The King” in your portfolio. Who doesn’t love this piece?
Get the chords and lyrics here

elvis easy songs

10. Complicated (Avril Lavigne)

Especially for female singers, Avril’s smash hit is still appealing.
Get the chords and lyrics here


When you are starting out with singing and/or playing the guitar be wise what songs you pick to perform in front of an audience.

I recommend playing it smart and making the best out of your skill level. 

That means…

Choose songs that fit your vocal range and make them as easy as possible.

  • Simplify chords
  • Stay within your vocal range
  • Learn the lyrics off by heart
  • Transpose songs

I shared my personal Top 10 songs, which can be played easily…while still impressing the audience.

Hope you liked this post and I’m happy to hear about YOUR favorite songs.

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  1. This is a great post for anyone who’s interested in learning to play guitar and wants to have a few options to choose from when they’re showing their friends how much they’ve learned. I’m impressed that Red Hot Chilli Peppers was on there as I feel like not many people would have included this band in the list of beginner friendly songs.

    1. At first sight, you might be right, because RHCP in general come with advanced guitar stuff. “Under the Bridge”,although, can be accomplished with some practice.

  2. This is a must read for anyone starting out on guitar it’s packed full of information and great songs to learn by. David

    1. Hi Sam,

      Thanks for reading.
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