Are you playing around with the idea to take adult singing lessons? Have you been wondering how your voice may improve working with a pro?

I know that many people who’d like to sing with a better voice, never make the first step. 

I was one of them. Because I was afraid.

But you know what…

I wish I’d knew better. I would have saved myself many years and started to sing with a great voice much earlier. 

Let me help you.

If you’re on the fence of trying out a voice teacher but still skeptical, than read on. 

I will share with you 6 things that won’t happen in adult singing lessons.

1.Nobody Makes Fun of YouSinging Teacher Laughs

This is probably one of the most common concerns around people, who want to take adult singing lessons.

Actually, it was also something that spun around in my head before hitting my teacher’s door mat for the first time.

I kept having thoughts like “What if he bursts out laughing, because I sound so horrible?” 

Or what if he thinks I’m too old and it doesn’t make any sense teaching me. 


It’s totally normal having such thoughts. Maybe you’re unsure of your own voice. Or maybe someone told you, that you sound like a dying cat or that you’re too old for a singing career.

Don’t worry, I can assure you this will not happen.

You see, there’s a reason why you’re looking for a singing teacher. Chances are you currently only have a small vocal range or problems singing on pitch.

A good teacher will not listen to your flaws, but to your best parts.  And then starts working from there.

But let’s keep it real. 

2. Adult Singing Lessons Are Not for Free

We live in a free world. Literally. If you want you will find all knowledge for free on the net.

There are also some free online singing lessons on Youtube. I think they are a good start to test the water and find out if learning how to sing is something you’d really like to pursue.

Anyway, at the end of the day you will only really learn singing when you study with a pro teacher and get qualified feedback on a regular basis.

That comes with a price.

So, How much is a singing lesson?

Well, there might be some cheap alternatives, but a serious teacher will usually take 60-150 $ per hour. There are few teachers, who offer a trial lesson, but the more sought-after, will have no need to do so.

3. Your Teacher Is No Wizard

Don’t believe any “Sing like a star in 3 weeks” claims. Truth is, it’s not possible. There’s a lot of things going on when singing, so it takes time to get it right.

Depending on your singing level, your discipline and your ability to apply what you learn it can take months or even years.

You see, first of all you have to get rid of all your old bad singing habits. When this area is cleared you start building literally a new voice from scratch.

But the good news are: Once you’ve learned a solid technique, you will harvest the fruits of your labor for the rest of your life.

It will become almost impossible for you to not sing just great.

But adult singing lessons can be nerve wrecking. 

4. There Is No Cheering Crowd

Cheering Crowd

Hands down, at some level we are all vain. It feels much better being praised than being criticized.

However, your teacher’s job is not be your fan but to make you the best singer you can be.

Here’s why this is important.

You will only make progress, if you sing all kind of vocal exercises as perfect as possible. And he knows that.

So, instead of cheering every attempt you make, he will tell you what you did wrong and insist on doing it over again until you really got it.

Sometimes, this can be a pain in the arse, but over the long haul, you will thank him.

5. Voice Lessons Are Not for Lazy Singers

“I just want to sing.” That’s what vocal teachers often hear from new students. For many of them it was the first and last lesson they received. 

You see, having a singing lesson means doing all this boring stuff like…

  • Humming,
  • Lip-rolls
  • Singing scales up and down
  • Breathing
  • Panting
  • And all the technical stuff to inject a new way of singing and sound production into your brain and body.

But there’s a reason for it.

You can’t rebuild your singing voice from the bottom to the top if you finetune from the very beginning. 

By doing so, you much likely fall back into your old patterns and bad habits.

Muscle memory is a powerful force. A force that you will soon harness for a reliable brilliant singing performance.

6. You Don’t Have To Be Freddie Mercury

You can’t already sing like a superstar? 

That’s okay…

You don’t have to. You don’t need permission or any kind of certificate to qualify to take adult singing lessons. 

Even more, you actually will benefit more from taking adult singing lessons, if you are a complete beginner.

Why? Because you are much more open for the instructions your teacher gives you.

Students, that show up with a trained voice will often stick to their old singing “system” , even if it didn’t really work for them.

But there are other qualities you should bring to the table.

  • Discipline
  • Patience and
  • A good sense of humor

Don’t take it too serious – singing should be fun.

Don’t think too much. Follow your teacher’s lead and you will see the first results fast.


Don’t be afraid to give adult singing lessons a try. 

There are certainly some things that WON’T happen in adult singing lessons.

  1. Nobody Makes Fun Of You
  2. Adult Singing Lessons Are Not for Free 

  3. There’s No Cheering Crowd

  4. There Is No Cheering Crowd

  5. Voice Lessons Are Not for Lazy Singers

  6. You Don’t Have To Be Freddie Mercury

Don’t let common misbelief hinder you from getting your voice to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you already have some experience or if you’re just starting out as a singer.

Want to learn more about how you can improve your voice today? Then check out this article.

To your singing success

7 thoughts on “6 Things That Won’t Happen In Adult Singing Lessons”

  1. Hi this is cool advice and very open and honest. I guess fear of failure or being laughed at can stop us doing so many things including singing. I hope mane visitors will take on board your advice and hopefully take the plunge and try singing for themselves. I think it can be a great confidence booster and help people get over shyness. Thanks again, Kenny 

  2. A really helpful article, especially for someone like me who is interested in learning more about singing, but is no ‘spring chicken’! 

    I’m really glad you included the first point in this article, because that’s whats really standing in front of my confidence at the moment – having to sing in front of someone…and getting a bad reaction! 

    How old were you when you learned to sing properly and did you have the same concerns/worries?

    1. Hi Chris,
      I took my first lesson at the age of 25. As described, I had no clue, what a voice teacher would expect from his students.
      The worst thing that could have happened was a reaction like “Sorry pal, but there’s no way you will ever learn to sing.”

      Luckily I didn’t give in to my fear – and neither should you.
      Singing in front of a teacher is a safe place to start.

      Good luck!

  3. Adult singing lesson is very important when it comes to ones’ entertainment, emotion and feelings. Some times people enjoy for time pass and singer also sings for time passing. But a professional singer needs proper learning with proper singing lesson. This article really represent some exceptional concept which is really followed by adult singer. On this point of view, I have same opinion with Felix and I think adult singer should be more serious about their vocal technique.

  4. Hi Felix

    I was really interested to read your post, and so much that you say really resonates with me.

    I have always loved to sing. I originally had singing lessons whilst I was still at school, and I knew that I had a reasonable voice, but it was just not good enough for me. But I did go on to sing in public quite a bit, especially in folk clubs.

    Some years later I found the most amazing singing teacher! She had trained many operas singers, and also singers in the pop world. You may have heard of Neneh Cherry and Nick Kershaw – she had one each of their platinum disc awards which they had given her on the wall of her music room!

    She also ran group classes locally to me, and  gave individual lessons too, and I studied with her for quite a time, until I moved to a different area. I found the group class really fascinating, as I watched the other students gradually improve out of all recognition. I benefitted greatly from my private lessons too, and my confidence in myself as a whole person really grew. Singing is so good for the soul don’t you agree?

    So if anyone really wants to sing – and in some people it is a real need – then never be afraid to seek professional help. I completely agree with you, the six things that you mention never will happen when you take private lessons.

    Thank you so much for your really fascinating post

    Chrissie 🙂

    1. Hi Chrissie, thanks for your comment.

      It seems we both have experienced the invaluable benefit of taking private singing lessons. I totally agree, that singing is food for the soul.
      It’s not always only about becoming a star, but the ability to express yourself adequately.

      All the best

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