diaphragmatic singing

How To Sing From The Diaphragm – Every Singer Must Know This

When you have a growing interest in developing your singing voice, you naturally make your first research online. Google knows it all and soon you figure out, that breathing is an essential part of a proper singing technique. Diving deeper into the topic of breathing technique, you become aware that an aspiring singers’ ultimate goal

youtube singing lessons

The Best Free Online Singing Lessons – Must Watch

The digital age has blessed us with wonderful opportunities. One of the biggest benefits of the internet is the possibility, to get almost every information on any subject for free. That also applies to the world of musical education like guitar lessons or singing lessons. Nevertheless, as a beginner it can be very confusing to

cold singing fever

How to sing with a cold – remedies and tips

One uncomfortable, still unavoidable situation in a humans’ life is to get sick from time to time. I guess, we all have experienced symptoms like sneezing, running nose, sore throat or coughing. While usually it’s advised to keep calm and wait until it’s over, a singer may still have some obligations. What if you’ve scheduled

fire breathing singing

The best breathing exercises for singers

Breathing in singing has always been a big misunderstanding. Different terms like “Breath support”, “Breath control” or “Breathing from your diaphragm” circulate in the vocal world and can lead to misconception how to properly work on the airflow. When I was a beginner singing student, it was all Greek to me and I got the