cold singing fever

How to sing with a cold – remedies and tips

One uncomfortable, still unavoidable situation in a humans’ life is to get sick from time to time. I guess, we all have experienced symptoms like sneezing, running nose, sore throat or coughing. While usually it’s advised to keep calm and wait until it’s over, a singer may still have some obligations. What if you’ve scheduled

fire breathing singing

The best breathing exercises for singers

Breathing in singing has always been a big misunderstanding. Different terms like “Breath support”, “Breath control” or “Breathing from your diaphragm” circulate in the vocal world and can lead to misconception how to properly work on the airflow. When I was a beginner singing student, it was all Greek to me and I got the

4 ways to improve singing

4 ways to improve your singing voice – simple and applicable

As a newbie in any chosen area, its always hard to make the first steps, especially when you have to make it on your own. Same applies to the world of singing. Although a solid singing technique requires some years of serious vocal training, there are some ways to improve your singing voice instantly. Let

natural singer

Can Anyone Learn How To Sing? – A startling insight

I personally don’t know one single person, who doesn’t like singing. But I know a lot of people, claiming they “can’t sing”, they “just don’t have a voice”. I’m sure, many of them would love to know how to use their voices, even if its just for chanting a proper version of “Happy Birthday” once